Offer free WiFi to your customers and simplify access

  • 70% of customers say that free WiFi would make them choose one business over another
  • Simplify your WiFi access and make your employees’ jobs easier by using a SY5 portal without passwords
  • Take advantage of a secure and controlled system

Social media is the new word of mouth!

Your WiFi portal can generate tens of thousands of free ads each month!

Rather than investing in advertising, encourage current customers to refer your business to new customers by utilizing the exponential effect of social media !

90% of your customers use Facebook daily. Social media allows us to share our lives, ideas, opinions, photos and activities instantly with our social network which is usually hundreds of people!

By using the SY5 portal to connect to WiFi, your customers can indicate on their Facebook page their presence at your establishment as well as leaving a good comment or rating.

When your customers ‘’check in’’ to your establishment they are informing hundreds of their friends about your business. There is no better advertising than word of mouth!

View the results live and analyze the statistics via our interactive dashboards


The most effective tool for collecting customer data

Check out our dashboards and get valuable customer data!
Collect names, email addresses, birthdays and much more customer information. Use this Business Intelligence to optimize your marketing campaigns!
We have created tables and graphs that are simple to understand !


How old are your clients? Mostly men or women? With the help of customer profiles you can create better targeted campaigns and personalized promotions!

Email adresses
Automatically get customers’ contact info. Follow-up on satisfaction and send out promotions via automated emails!

Postal code
Find out what areas your customers are from and save huge costs in your upcoming mailing campaigns!

Take advantage of this valuable information to launch automated marketing campaigns!


Automate your marketing campaigns
and keep your customers coming back

Create effective promotions and ensure your customers come back often thanks to our easy-to-use feature for automatic marketing campaigns!

Online advertising is better targeted and 50 times less expensive than conventional forms of media.

Automate your campaigns and let our tools to do the work for you

– Schedule automated messages to your customers to thank them for their business
– Send promotions to bring customers back to your establishment if they haven’t visited in awhile
– Follow up with customers regarding their satisfaction
– Customize completely different campaigns according to your marketing objectives!

You are not tech-savvy or don’t have time? No problem!
We will take care of creating your campaigns at no extra cost!


70% of customers say that free WiFi would make them
choose one business over another